Prompta AI

Arielle has a passion for analyzing digital products to identify opportunities to exceed user/business goals. With her analytical skills, she uses research methodologies to look within the folds of what the user needs are and ideates solutions to in-still confidence in services and products within a business.

Previously, she was a Graphic and Web Designer at The Beach Guild of Fines Arts where she utilized her multifaceted set of skills as a content creator, creative writer, designer and website editor towards a project for BGFA’s Summer and Winter Virtual Art Show. She effectively communicated with executive members, artists and their audiences to understand their pain points and created a transparent experience for them online. This was a crucial step for The Beach Guild of Fine Art from moving from physical art shows to a virtual setting during the pandemic.

She is passionate about creating a user-friendly experience and ideating strategic solutions from UX research and being empathetic while keeping the goals of prioritizing the stakeholders. She believes that digital products should play a role that helps the user complete their goals online in an efficient manner. Limiting distractions from user experiences is her primary intention, for users should have the freedom to spend their energy elsewhere, within the moment.

Arielle will be graduating from the Graduate Certificate Program in UX Design from Humber College, in August 2021. Previously, she earned her BFA Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation, where she harnessed her multidisciplinary set of skills, that she utilizes in UX Design.

As an experienced artist, Arielle likes to spend quality time on her own, expressing her vision and thoughts through the mediums of water colour, polymer clay, and digital paintings. DIY or making things herself is a therapeutic process for her and she loves making soaps, candles, jewelry and recipes or anything else that fits underneath the umbrella of craftsmanship.