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How people use tools

Prompta change managers enable successful business launches of various technology platforms, with engaged and empowered stakeholders, business adoption, and business readiness.


We begin with the end-user experience as the end goal because a deep understanding of how people engage with new technologies, both physically and emotionally, is required to uncover the necessary enablers of a successful adoption.

Clients we have worked with

Technology Enablement Change Management Services include

We develop the strategies and roadmaps to ensure cultural readiness and maximum ROI on your technology investments. Prompta team members understand that a holistic view of change is required for a digital transformation to be successful. Ways of working, processes, and cultural considerations need to be reviewed, modified, and aligned and each of these elements have a role in ensuring that the new technology is adopted to secure the desired benefits and the return on investment.

Prompta assists in developing a roadmap and defining resource requirements to create a broad willingness to act to get you started on the path of technological or digital changes. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships with selected specialized providers, Prompta Consulting Group is positioned to act as a single point contact to partner with you and develop both Technology Modernization and Cultural Readiness strategies. Our approach will consider the broad ecosystem within which your organization operates, and work with you to tap into the localized current state for BOTH technology and culture ensuring seamless IT, ERP, CRM implementations.

Lets get started!

Are you ready to begin your change management journey or do you have more questions with regards to your specific change requirement? Schedule a meeting with a consultant to discuss your project.

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