Prompta AI

Why Prompta?

Prompta empowers businesses to own their transformational journeys and effectively engages and supports Program Directors / Managers and integrates Organizational Change Management activities into shared project plans. ​Our team implements knowledge transfer/transition plans to ensure an effective and timely transition to your internal staff.

Need more reasons? We’ll give you six more.

Our Diversity Status

Prompta is proud to be Canada’s first diverse-certified consulting firm by the Canadian LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) & internationally registered with the National LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). We were named the 2018 Canadian LGBT+ Business Enterprise of the Year (LGBTBE)

Prompta is focused on maintaining and growing a diverse workplace welcoming individuals from different backgrounds. Everyone on our team contributes to creating an environment of tolerance, acceptance, inclusion and community for all our team members. 

Our Game-Changing AI Solution

We take pride in providing tailored end-to-end AI technology-enabled Business Transformation and Strategic Change Management Consulting support. Prompta AI is the game changing solution that leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to uncover what employees really feel about their workplace culture. See more about Prompta AI here.

Our Seasoned Change Consultants 

Prompta has a team of professionals who are driven, motivated, and client-focused. Our consultants support you in every step of your journey and help you transition and manage change smoothly.

Prompta Change Managers and Coaches know how to bring your transformational vision to life.

Our Track Record

We at Prompta take pride, pleasure, and satisfaction in our achievements and outstanding service since 2008. We are high achievers and strive for excellence in everything we do to build a track record of successful client outcomes. Read our case studies here.

Our Unique Methodologies

Prompta mobilizes your teams to understand and define “what success looks like” and “how it will be measured”. Our methodologies are powered by Prompta AI, the Readiness for Success framework, Change Management best practices, Design Thinking, and Supplier Diversity Tools. 

We are Youcentric 

It’s important to have a partner who can prepare you, guide and advise you, support you through your business transformation, and the one who ensures that the strategic solution is right for your business. Prompta makes YOU the center.

We partner with you, providing end-to-end measurable transformational change solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. We focus efforts squarely on the realization of your business benefits and help you achieve a real return on your investment.

Do you have specific requirement you want to discuss, or more information about our group and will like an opportunity to reach out to a Consultant please click on the button below.

Prompta Capability Statement

We have all our relevant information available in a concise document. Get to know about our services and differentiators and contact us. Ask for your copy now.

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