Prompta AI

Alfonso is a distinguished leader, innovator, project manager, and keynote speaker. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Business Leadership, and a Master’s in Digital Businesses.

Initially certified as a portfolio manager, Alfonso’s journey began with a profound examination of the complexities within financial markets, the prevalent lack of financial literacy across Latin America, and the demand for pioneering digital solutions. Over the course of twenty years, he has been instrumental in conceiving and actualizing transformative ideas into products and solutions tailored for the financial services sector.

Among his notable achievements are the leadership of diverse projects, including financial education websites, a peer-to-peer lending Fintech platform, an electronic trading platform, a pension fund record-keeping unit, comprehensive wealth management portfolio designs, and the establishment of a mutual funds unit for an international brokerage firm.

In recent years, Alfonso has transitioned into the consulting arena, operating across Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Here, he has lent his expertise to a wide spectrum of entities, spanning from fledgling startups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations.

Driven by his fervent dedication to financial inclusion and education, Alfonso has delivered countless keynote speeches and participated in numerous interviews. Additionally, he co-founded the premier annual personal finance festival in Latin America, further solidifying his commitment to empowering individuals through financial knowledge and accessibility.