The only constant today is change. It is not a thing. It is the thing. How will you handle a workforce that constantly has to adapt to change without slowing productivity or dampening morale?

According the HBR “More than 25 years ago, John Kotter … made his now-famous assertion that 70% of corporate transformation efforts are doomed to fail.” The Secret Behind Successful Corporate Transformations (

Prompta AI identifies how your employees are feeling about and reacting to change by using rigorous statistical analysis, and text retrieval techniques, leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning.

Prompta AI uncovers what employees really think, feel, want, and need to help facilitate smoother transformation.

Prompta’s rigid intellectual property guidelines protect your data at every step.

Prompta AI pairing data and human connection.

When it comes to employee sentiment and understanding, Prompta AI has two tools that can be leveraged to understand the current landscape and make plans to address. Below is a high level description of each and the link to schedule a consultation to determine how the platform could meet your company’s needs.

Prompta Insights

The Prompta Insights product utilizes AI technology to support change professionals, HR managers and executives with a holistic approach to business and cultural transformations. Prompta Insights helps uncover the root of feelings and fears related to the change and understand what is hindering the success of business transformations. Understanding sentiment enables leaders to navigate the challenging waters of change with confidence and ease.

Prompta Retention

Human capital is the most important and valuable asset in organizations. Regardless of the sector, it is challenging for companies to address talent requirement needs – especially in highly specialized positions. Despite recessions and rounds of layoffs, organizations face the challenge of recruiting new hires and/or replacing valuable, high performing employees. The Prompta Retention product can assist a leadership team in understanding risks and designing programs to improve retention levels.

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