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Prompta streamlines the change management process, and helps organizations reduce the change spend and effort of their change initiatives.

Prompta Insights is a SaaS platform that helps organizations navigate the challenges and complexity of the business transformation world. According to recent statistics, more than 70% of business transformations end in failure, and over 90% of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) fail. Such high failure rates not only have a significant impact on resources spent and invested, such as change support, but also, they negatively impact the emotional well-being of entire workforce cultures.  


Prompta Insights utilizes AI technology that provides change professionals, HR managers and executives, with a holistic approach to business and cultural transformations. Prompta Insights helps uncover the root of the problem that organizations face and what’s hindering the success of business transformations.

Prompta Insights

Through our software, change managers uncover the current state of an organization’s cultural climate over the course of the transformational journey. By leveraging these insights, change managers focus on the areas, structures and groups that improve employee engagement, change adoption and business readiness. Prompta Insights minimizes the productivity dip caused by transformational change, improves efficiency, increases productivity and reduces overall change spend. It also enables more timely and targeted insights, informed decision making and focused action planning. The use of our AI technology makes change management more targeted and less labor intensive. 

Our Business Readiness proprietary measurement framework, which is based on six pillars, provides a holistic overview of the organizational climate at different points in time along the change process, paving the way for an effective and agile change process.  

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