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Transforming Payroll, Benefits and HR Operations

Transforming Payroll, Benefits and HR Operations

Business Situation

A Regional Public Health & Research Institute, with over 4000 unionized and non-unionized staff members needed to update their HR, Payroll and Benefits, policies, procedures and informational systems.  A project was implemented that eventually went live and did not go well from a business readiness, acceptance or business reliability perspective.

Some employee information including salaries, tenure, benefits and vacation was incorrect or missing. Also, people managers were not prepared to follow the new ways of working, systems functionality or address employee concerns.  Many employees did not know how to use they system or interpret its information. Most did not trust the payroll statement accuracy.

Prompta was brought in as outside change management experts to repair the damage and successfully transition the organization to the new systems and ways of working.

Prompta’s Solution

We onboarded and created a change management team, composed of two dedicated change management resources, a documentation and training developer, communications support, internal HR subject matter experts and super users. Our change management efforts focused on rebuilding trust including honest difficult conversations and an employee-facing action plan. The five key areas of support were stakeholder and employee engagement, effective communications, documentation and training and vendor management. 

Prompta provided foundational support, guidance and tools for project recovery which included addressing and resolving issues and tackling resistance to change. Also, we provided assistance on prioritizing and managing issues, liaise with various department to get implementation tickets addressed, communicated and closed. Other activities included process mapping, development of training and change management strategies for stakeholders across the organization, process changes, updated ways of working and understanding of key systems capabilities.

Business Outcomes

The recovery engagement was successful. The workforce was regularly engaged, educated, supported, concerns and feedback were addressed, system issues were resolved. Employees at all levels were involved in the solution and the workforce began to embrace and ultimately utilize the new solution.  Targets were set and within six months were achieved in the areas of accuracy of data, utilization, proficiency, training attendance, open issues and tickets and overall workforce engagement.

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