Prompta AI

Jotham is a highly driven and empathetic team player who loves working through complex business problems. In a business environment that constantly evolves with new disruptions and innovations, Jotham believes change is necessary to keep organizations agile and competitive. He takes joy in bringing ideas together to create unique solutions, and has experience working on consulting projects involving customer experience, NLU development, and COVID-19 response plans. With a focus on helping others, he offers his full focus, enthusiasm, and emotional intelligence to each project he undertakes.

Having lived through two different cultures, Jotham has always been passionate about global humanitarian issues and inspiring change to help underprivileged populations. His passion led him to found his own non-profit organization dedicated to reducing poverty, where he leads a team through various global educational projects. His past experience directing wellness initiatives at Western University also resulted in successful school campaigns that drove an inclusive and supportive environment for the student community.

On the side, Jotham tries to make the most out of his talents to inspire others. He plays the piano and has performed in various venues such as retirement homes, restaurants, and weddings in an effort to give back to his community. He also teaches online English classes for students in Southeast Asia, where he finds fulfillment in helping others develop new skills and become empowered to learn.

Jotham is graduating with an Honors Business Administration degree from the Ivey Business School at Western University.