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Pillar 5 - Culture

Cultural Factors Account For 40% of the Difference Between High and Low Performing Companies in Terms of Growth, Profitability, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Leadership Effectiveness and Employee Engagement.

– Lsa Global 2017

Of the 6 elements within Prompta’s ‘Readiness For Success’ framework, Culture is the most overlooked and least understood element when companies are transforming. 
The widely held leadership belief is that my firms’ corporate culture is not changing, has not changed, and can not be changed and that’s just not reality. Corporate cultures are constantly changing and adapting, and so often attitudes, actions, deeply held beliefs and behaviours no longer serve the company. 
For a myriad of reasons, companies wait too long to address culture challenges, when they are no longer relevant, have lost their best and brightest, are no longer seen as thought, problem solving or innovative industry leaders. They transition from disrupting to being disrupted and often it’s too late to effectively recover.

Between 1955 when the first Fortune 500 list came out until present day, just over 10% of those original 500 companies are still on the list and so many no longer exist.  
To effectively change culture as part of the ‘Readiness for Success’ transformational framework, Prompta addresses the DNA of the organization and that includes existing attitudes, actions, beliefs and behaviours required to achieve the “North Star” vision.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.

​- Peter Drucker

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