Prompta AI


Change Management with AI-Enabled People Analytics Data


Prompta.AI leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to uncover what employees really think and feel.

We transform business and turn struggling organizational change initiatives into actionable, realistic and achievable transformation plans. Through the lenses of text mining and artificial intelligence, Executive Stakeholders, Change Managers, Program/Project Managers, Training Leaders and Executive Coaches have a holistic overview of the current state of their change process.

Prompta.AI analyzes large volumes of text data to effectively predict project success, stakeholders’ future performance, engagement, and behaviour. Through rigorous statistical analysis and text retrieval techniques, Prompta AI identifies the topics and sentiments that are relevant to an organization’s labour force experiencing change.

Prompta.AI leverages our proprietary Change Management Readiness for Success™ framework to successfully transform programs, which include Digital Transformations,  IT & ERP implementations, HR, Business & Cultural Change, Merger Integrations (M & A), as well as Diversity, Equity and inclusion change support.

Introduction to Prompta.AI™

Benefits of Prompta.AI™

How Prompta.AI™ Supports Transformational Change

Prompta AI
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