Process Enablement

How People Get Work Done

Businesses are full of process. From finance, to production, to sales, every department and project has systems for working.

Prompta helps organizations as they transition from the tried-and-true methods to new approaches leveraging the best of new technology and human interaction design.


Case Study

End-to-End Transformation
Clear roles and handoffs.

Prompta helped a global finance client prepare for an end-to-end transformation of their source to pay system. The engagement aligned & prepared internal and external stakeholders resulting in a smooth launch with an understanding of new roles, responsibilities, and handoffs.


The client was faced with an antiquated source to pay system that resulted in inefficient processes and manual workarounds. They were looking for a partner to help them launch a global end-to-end transformation to improve their supplier relationships and reduce costs.



At the individual level, we resist change.  At the organizational level, this can halt a transformation in its tracks. This transformation introduced significant change and disruption within the organization, with supplier employees, and various other stakeholder groups.



The Prompta team led the pre-transformation planning process. Change experts worked collaboratively with senior client stakeholders from across the business to assess gaps, risks, and opportunities associated with the transformation. They developed strategies, roadmaps, and detailed plans for each department and stakeholder.

To implement the plans, a network of change leaders, change champions, and change agents was established across the organization. The Prompta team provided high-touch support in the pre- and post-go-live stages. This included new ways of working, skills development, and resistance mitigation.

The transformation launched with internal and external stakeholders well prepared. Teams at all levels understood the new roles, responsibilities, handoffs, and support available.



The client was able to mitigate risk and plan readiness at each of the transformation phases resulting in minimal business disruption, employee adoption and overall productivity improvement.

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