Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

How People Work Together

Prompta improves working cultures by empowering businesses and businesses leader to own their cultural transformation journey.

We support, coach, and partner with the organization to map out strategies that ensure the best solutions are developed, embraced, implemented, and adopted.


Case Studies

DEI at a Post Secondary Institution - Increased Engagement

Prompta helped a post secondary institution with a DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging) cultural change by increasing survey engagement rates, conducting executive training, and developing program plans. This resulted in the highest employee engagement survey rates ever achieved in the organization.


For this institution, funding relies on having a strong culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  The client needed to ensure that they were meeting the needs of various stakeholders and communities.


Prompta was engaged to perform a DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) assessment and transition program.  This would be the foundation for sustainable cultural change.



Employees were not providing input and feedback on DEIB because they feared the information collected wouldn’t be held confidentially.  The topics involved in the program were extremely sensitive and require delicate management.



Prompta designed a current state audit as well as education & training that enabled the team to positively engage with the sensitive topics.


Current state audits were conducted via Prompta AI. To increase engagement, Prompta developed communications that highlighted the privacy and confidentiality of responses.  Although completion rates were initially low, the communications raised response rates over time.


The audits were complimented with training and education for the Board of Directors and Leadership teams. These training sessions covered bias, power & privilege, and unintentional exclusion.



Employees became more confident with the survey anonymity and confidentiality, and they started sharing their lived experience without fear or apprehension.  The engagement rate for the survey was the highest the client had ever achieved.

Culture at Hotspex
Achieved Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces

Prompta helped Hotspex transform company culture through strategic training and coaching services. With dedication over three years, this resulted in Hotspex achieving the #20 position on the Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces list in 2022.


To achieve their goal of becoming the world’s most innovative and impactful brand builders, Hotspex decided to focus on building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace culture.  



Culture change doesn’t happen overnight. The Hotspex team needed to commit to a vision, stick with it even when things were difficult, and ensure other initiatives didn’t take over the priority of the project.



Prompta has been supporting Hotspex through its cultural change journey since 2019 providing consulting services, training, workshop facilitation, and coaching.  Along the way, we leveraged our proprietary Prompta AI platforms to complete a comprehensive assessment of the current culture at Hotspex, identified goals and objectives to be achieved, and developed tailored programs to support the change journey. Here are headlines of services provided:


Overall Training: Topics covered were related to addressing resistance, oppression, diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility, power, privilege, and providing mental health education and training support. The training leveraged the 13 factors of psychological health and safety. All training and education sessions were engaging, collaborative, and interactive.


Diversity Training: Prompta developed and delivered learning sessions which included Anti-Black Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Jewish-Heritage, Latin American Heritage, Accessibility, Ramadan, Asian discrimination, mental health awareness, and reinforcement sessions.


Coaching:  Prompta coaches conducted leadership assessments, 360 reviews, team, and executive coaching programs. These sessions managed difficult conversations and provided trust-based consultation.  In addition, there was coaching support for recruitment, retention, and policies.



Integrating the training and coaching into the fiber of the Hotspex organization enabled team members to gain new perspectives over time that led to behavior change and improved organizational culture.



With the support provided by Prompta during their culture change journey, Hotspex was ranked #20 on the first-ever Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces Award for North America in June 2022.

Focus on Culture
Identified Priorities

Prompta helped a marketing agency focus DEI efforts by conducting a Prompta-AI employee sentiment survey that resulted in a comprehensive list of 39 themes. The client prioritized four themes to focus on for the year ahead.


An award-winning North American marketing agency with offices in Canada and the US wanted to develop a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework to guide how the organization and its employees conduct business.



The DEI journey was historically an initiative within the HR department. The leadership team realized that a more comprehensive approach that engaged all employees through participation in initiative task teams and ongoing feedback.



Prompta create a customized Prompta AI employee engagement survey which was aligned with the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) to assess program maturity and identify priority areas of development.

The survey was powered by Prompta AI that employs natural language processing (NLP) to identify sentiment themes by area and cohort.  The survey was designed to narrow down keywords and phrases to know what the employees are feeling and thinking.

Thirty-nine themes were identified which included topics like DEI vision, leadership sponsorship, communication, and HR practices. Prompta conducted a leadership review to build awareness and understanding of the findings. The leadership team identified four priority areas of focus for the year ahead.



Four leader-sponsored task teams were created with employee volunteers. These teams developed action plans for DEI initiatives in their priority areas.

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