Digital Transformation

How People Use Tools

Prompta change managers enable successful business launches of technology platforms. Support encompasses stakeholder empowerment and engagement, business adoption, and organizational readiness. 

Technology is a broad category. Our team has experience with digital transformation, IT, ERP and CRM Implementations.  The Prompta team is positioned to act as a single point of contact to partner with you and develop both technology modernization and cultural readiness strategies.


Case Studies

Oracle Transformation - 16% under budget

An Australia & New Zealand region of a global Consumer Packaged Goods company hired Prompta to support a sales team automation transformation to Oracle which included a new technology enabler for Trade Promotion Management.  


An Australia & New Zealand region of a global Consumer Packaged Goods company hired Prompta to support a sales team automation transformation to Oracle which included a new technology enabler for Trade Promotion Management.  


The Challenge 

This organizational division had a history of transformational failures. In the past several years they had two previous transformation launches that were so poorly managed that they made the local and national media and disrupted the culture and workplace. The leadership and employees believed that this new transformation would experience the same fate as similar tactics were initially considered for the implementation.   

The Solution

Prompta’s goals were twofold; educate and empower the leadership team to be effective change sponsors and ensure the entire management team was prepared for their role as change coaches to ensure overall buy-in and adoption. In addition, we engaged subject matter experts, super users and change champions from across the business to support the transformation. 

The Insights

Leveraging Prompta-AI we completed a comprehensive employee sentiment analysis across the region to assess change readiness and understand key themes that were contributing to organization resistance to change. Prior to our assessment, the global leadership team assumed the problem was lack of effective project management and invested heavily in that area. 

The Prompta-AI results provided a much clearer picture. The core problem was a lack of understanding at the executive and management team levels of their critical roles to bring the transformation vision to life and ensure the adoption of new ways of working. The past approach of outsourcing the transformation to a large integrator with no investment in change management and no engagement of the leadership and management teams, had twice resulted in transformation failure with massive budget overruns and failed employee adoption. Prompta’s insights and transformation expertise made the difference on this third attempt at major change. 

The Results

The outcome was a transformation project that developed the business benefits, was delivered on time and 16% under budget, with the co-created functionality the business required and supported. Senior leaders ensured sustained support for the program while empowering their management and leadership teams to coach employees throughout the transformation. 

Prompta was proud to have supported this successful transformation. In addition to a seamless move to a new system, the organization was left with the change management skills and confidence to support future transformations.

Salesforce Transformation
Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Prompta helped a global Fortune 500 company transform their Trade Promotion Management system to Salesforce by leveraging the proprietary Prompta AI sentiment platform, change management, training, and action planning.  This resulted in enhanced operational efficiency, elevated employee engagement with the new system, and a cultural shift towards more consumer-oriented practices.

The Situation

A Global Fortune 500 company initiated a significant Trade Promotion Management (TPM) transformation in Latin America, adopting Salesforce TPM Cloud.


The Challenge 

This transition was more than a change in systems; it necessitated a comprehensive shift in the workforce’s mindsets, behaviors, roles, and accountabilities. The primary challenge was to ensure the transformation’s successful launch and sustainment while respecting the unique culture and operational nuances of the company’s Latin American business.


The Solution

Prompta provided expert change management services tailored to the company’s specific needs. This included delivering targeted training and action planning to align resources effectively with new digital technologies.

A pivotal element was Prompta AI’s role in conducting a thorough diagnostic to assess the current culture and leveraging global TPM tools, customized for the Latin American context. This approach focused on critical changes in mindsets and behaviors needed for embracing the new system.


The Results

Streamlined the promotion planning and execution process and reduce manual errors and payment duplication for a year-over-year savings of over $200K. 

Increased trade spend visibility which enabled data-driven decisions on promotion success and promotion ROI – enabling more funds to be allocated to more profitable promotions.  

Improved visibility increased overall customer satisfaction and retention – Prompta AI results pointed to 14% increase in overall customer satisfaction rating.

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